At Tech4kidz, we believe that community collaborations are essential to boosting to the technological skills of the youth in our area. By bringing together passionate tech people, resources and ideas, we are able to offer enriching learning opportunities to students and provide them with the necessary digital skills they need.


ERIE 21 = Educating for our Rising Innovation Economy

Since 2018, Tech4kidz has been working with the Erie21 program at Le Moyne College, offering summer STEM enrichment programs as well as year round after school school coding classes to Syracuse city school district students.  Erie21 is comprised of 4 locks and Tech4kidz delivers and develops the curriculum for the Lock 1 students who are in middle school. To learn more about this program, visit the Erie21site here.


Le Moyne rises to challenge of creating an inclusive tech workforce (Guest Opinion by Bill Brower)


Rockets, Robotics, and Rubber Bands

Rockets, Robotics, and Rubber Bands: Le Moyne’s Quantitative Thinking Village

The snap of rubber bands accompanied the sound… 


Lemoyne's Bold Vision

Le Moyne’s bold vision: Grow a 21st century workforce (Editorial)

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