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Classroom Coding Kits

Each coding book (#1-7) provides step by step instructions to code an animation. Teachers can use these books to assist them while teaching students to code, OR they can allow students to work in pairs and build animations on their own by following the instructions in the book.
Set Includes:

  • 20 copies of each of the 7 books
  • 20 copies of “Solve the Puzzles’ book
  • 20 copies of Remix Challenge 1 & – 2 handouts
  • Sample introductory lesson plan
  • 100 coding stickers
  • Plastic storage container

Cost of classroom kit: $250 + taxes + shipping and handling

Coding kits
kits 1
kits 2
kits 3
kits 4
kits 5

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Professional Development Course img

Professional Development Course


  • Provide 5 – 1.5 hour sessions in which teachers will build at least 1 project per session of increasing complexity, learn relevant computer science terminology and principles, discuss teaching strategies and collaboratively build resources to assist in teaching coding to their students.
  • 5 sessions are in person and Tech4kidz to provide all supplies and resources
  • 2 follow up virtual sessions provided to answer questions and/or provide any supplemental resources required by teachers as they begin implementation of curriculum
  • School district to provide screen to project presentation and ensure all teachers attend with laptops

Classroom Push In

Push-ins can be in person or virtual via zoom. Students will build a new project of increasing complexity each week, all while developing computational skills and learning basic programming principles.

Please contact us for pricing. Pricing based on number of sessions requested and location of school.

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STEM Summer Program Package img

STEM Summer Program Package


  • Provide curriculum, supplies and daily agenda for program
  • School district to provide space (for instruction, lunch and outside activities), computers, transportation for students (if needed)
  • Tech4kidz to provide hardware and all supplies for projects
  • Summer program will be held Monday – Friday from 9-3:30pm
  • Tech4kidz to supervise, train, and pay all instructors in the program
  • Capacity for summer program = 30-35 students

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